Please send us info or service you would like to provide to the event for a fee or as a volunteer. You can also share or post on our facebook page.

Na Pali Race board shipping info from Oahu to Kauai return and Oahu to Maui option:

Trailer will be located at end of M2O race on Oahu in Hawaii Kai near the finish line on Sunday July 31, 2016.
Boards can be loaded onto trailer here.  Trailer will be located at the M2O finish near the grass entrance to the finish area. (Please see picture.)

Individuals are responsible for loading and securing their own boards to trailer.
Loading trailer at finish of M2O race will take place between 1 pm and 4 pm only.

Contact person on Oahu’s name and number will be given out to those who sign up for this service.

All reservations can be made through

If you miss the M2O finish line trailer another option is to meet us at Young Bros Oahu Monday morning at 8 am for shipping to Kauai to get our group rate. All participants  must meet at young bros for pick up upon boards return to Oahu.

For prone boards fins and bottle cages need to be off.
For non-ruddered SUPs fins need to be off and kept with you.

Each individual is responsible for the safety of their equipment:
Pack your board in a board bag.
Provide at least two foam pads  (foam noodles) for your board (SUPs may be packed one on top of the other. Prone boards may be packed side by side)
Must provide two straps for your board to strap to trailer and for packing in shipping container.
Label all your equipment with name and phone number clearly visible.

When your board arrives to Kauai it will be picked up by Na Pali Race staff on our trailers.
Your board will then be available for you on race day, morning of the event at the start line.
Keep all fins, leashes, water bottle holders and water bottles with you.
Your board will be picked up at finish line of Na Pali Race.
Then it will be packed and loaded into container and shipped to Oahu for your individual pick up at young bros. Boards will be available for pick up on Oahu on Thursday August 6th, 2015. If you are signed up for this service you are responsible to meet at young bros for your equipment pick up at 8 am. Please be there to make a smooth delivery.

Price for this service is $100 includes round trip shipping, Kauai race day trailering and return.

For those going to Maui  after Kauai price is $100 plus an additional pay upon pick up of the shipping to Maui. Rate is approximately $30-$60 per board to Maui.

To avoid lines and extra shipping costs please use the time frames provided by Na Pali Race staff and book your reservation with us. Make sure you reserve your event service with us via email and confirm to save on the group shipping rate.

Event Services:

Event services are non refundable and first come first served with limited space.

Race Day Shuttle Van service including trailering your board: $40

Need a ride on race day? Shuttle leaves Na Pali Kayak in Hanalei and Hanalei Surf School, escorts you for duration of event including awards and returns to Na Pali Kayak in Hanalei at end of event. Purchase this ticket in conjunction with any of the board shipping caddy services or if you are a Kauai resident that wants a ride for yourself and your board.

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  1. Steve Cole says:


    I was talking with Kevin Horgan & he thought I should drop you a line. Bellow is a little about us & thing we can do.

    Kole’Gear Pressurized Hydration is a hydration company born from athletes desire to have fuss free hydration during peak performance times. We would like to partner with your race and help the event directors to enhance Na Pali race event and get our product in the hands of athletes that could benefit from its use.

    We propose: Contact us so we can post your race on our website. Call us or email your address where we can send 6 packs for your event to use as prizes, raffle or silent auction items and tell us how many entrants you anticipate at your event.
    In exchange: We will also include our brochure and a discount coupon to be included in race packets for. Then tell us how the event went, how the local favorites finished and what’s next in your part of the world!

    You might be wondering about Kole’Gear. How’s it Work? The fluid of your choice is forced into a food grade latex bladder under pressure of the pump. The natural elasticity of the latex provides an even, steady flow of fluid on demand in the lightest, most compact, effective manner on the market. Once the system is charged, pressure will remain steady until the last couple of sips. With a variety of components, you can customize the system to suit your needs. There’s no reason to suck anymore! We should know, we’ve been using this product extensively in the Hawaiian Islands for a couple of years now – paddling between islands, catching bumps – and spreading the word through out Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Brazil. We’re athletes know that word of mouth spreads a new product around better than anything else. Check out our website or give us a call.

    (PH) 808 635 1409

  2. admin says:

    Sounds great!

  3. Steve Cole says:

    What do you need. Do you have goodie bags going out to your racers. We can supply 25% off certificates for the competitors. Email me at <

    Steve Cole 808-635-1409

  4. Kirk says:

    Looking for a 12’6″ or 14′ downwind board to borrow for the race.

  5. Kirk says:

    Aloha fellow paddlers! Anyone have a trailer organized for boards from Oahu??? Mahalo, Kirk

  6. admin says:

    not yet for the trailer, but we are still looking. thanks

  7. admin says:

    possible trailers lining up. stay tuned…

  8. admin says:

    you can still enter till midnight today. Entry has been posted up again

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