Schedule for Heat Start Times Subject to change if wind conditions are forecast to be light or variable. For typical trade wind see schedule below.

Category Group 1- Fun Run
Category Group 2- Surfboard SUP
Category Group 3- Teams (3 Team Mix SUP)
Category Group 4- Paddleboard (PB) Unlimited and Stock Class
Category Group 5- SUP Men 12’6, 14’, UL
Category Group 6- SUP Women 12’6, 14’, UL
Category Group 7- OC1
Category Group 8- OC2
Category Group 9- Surf Ski

Race safety, course, and rules briefings are after pule.

In case of poor or dangerous conditions event will be cancelled or postponed.

We should have a good idea of wind conditions 3 days out. Stay tuned to @napalirace on Facebook, Instagram, twiitter and website for updates. The reason for late departures is to take full advantage of downwind run. Also, a trade wind later in the day will consistently fill in along the coastline’s many valleys.

Check in between 8:30 and 10:00 am Race Jersey, board decal, body mark.

For a light variable wind forecast start times will be up to 3 hours earlier departure.
For light trade winds forecast races will start up to 2 hours earlier.
Trade winds 10-15 mph start will be up to 1 hour earlier.
Typical trade wind 15-20 mph or more times are as follows:

Heat # and Start Time:
Category Group

Pule 9:00 am
Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana

Heat 1- 10:00 am
Group 1- Fun Run
Ultimate Fun Run Huaka’i

Heat 2- 11:00 am
Group 2- Surfboard SUP
Group 3- 3 Team Mix SUP

Heat 3- 11:30 am
Group 4- Paddleboard Unlimited and Stock
Group 5- SUP Men 12’6, 14’, UL
Group 6- SUP Women 12’6, 14’, UL

Heat 4- 12:00 pm
Group 7- OC1
Group 8- OC2
Group 9- Surf Ski

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