The first annual event saw 57 enthusiastic participants line up for what seems will soon become a Kaua’i tradition. The Na Pali Race is a SUP and paddled board event that crosses down and along the Na Pali Coast from Haena Beach Park on Kauai’s North Shore and finishes at Polihale State Beach on Kauai’s Westside. The Na Pali Race is designed to be an elite paddleboard race as well as fun run style charity event inviting all ocean enthusiasts to join in on the downwind fun. Not as easy said as done, the course is approximately 17 miles long, and is a challenge for all paddlers.

The morning of the first annual Na Pali Race saw on and off rain and overcast conditions with strong winds funneling down the Pali. The event was a great adventure for all who participated. For many it was the first time they had paddled the Na Pali Coast yet, others were happy to have some company to paddle with them this time. The one thing that will always remain both a catch and reward for this event is balancing the time to focus and compete as well as the time to take in the breathtaking views of the coastline. From Ke’e to Makaha ridge the sights are incredible.

The vibe of the opening ceremonies were unifying, with an epic protocol blessing by Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana members prior to the race. All registered paddlers milled around excitedly waiting for the line up start to the event. In grass roots fashion, contestants had to start along one line in the sand and finish at another line in the sand, beaches apart and unknowing of the path between.

The entry list was composed of Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard diehards, traveling SUPers on vacation, a few downwind and elite race pros, a few interisland faces, and a strong showing of local surfers who quested the Na Pali Coast Prone Paddleboard style, all for the soul. Some competitors went on to say it was one of the most fun events of their lives, comparing the scenario to marathons and other great achievements in their day. Another paddler stated that it was one of the greatest experiences and biggest accomplishments they had completed in their life. Other 2010 participants have plans to paddle in the annual Na Pali Race for as many upcoming events as they can, for years to come.

The course of the Na Pali typically starts with a solid downwind run. The first 12 miles are usually a strong trade wind catch providing surf-able waves that allow paddlers to catch and link bumps of the open ocean swells. Some paddlers preferred to take the wind line way outside, while others took the more scenic route closer towards shore. Riding the swells and getting into the natural current and wind flow is what Kalalau legends refer to as the highway of the sea. Finding this highway in the event is what its all about.

Undoubtedly the hardest yards of the paddle were done in the stretch between Miloli’i the 12-mile mark and Polihale the finish. On this particular September 18, 2010 day, we saw light and calm conditions for this grueling stretch, making the final leg somewhat smoother than it can be. Sometimes this area can even serve a strong crossed chopped head wind, but for the first annual event, a rare downwind run wrapped the entire coastline late into the afternoon.

As event organizer Evan Valiere understands, having a few kinks in the first ever of its kind event will only make for a greater race in the future. New additions this year include more escort boats, more lifeguards, a chip timing system, larger shade tents at Polihale, a round-trip shuttle service, a board caddy service at the finish line near the shore break, even a slipper caddy for the hot sands at Polihale, neon colored race jerseys, marker buoys set up along the course, and a few relay and tag team divisions. Finishing the day on the water will be topped off with a meal served by Dukes Kauai and cold drinks provided by Tambor Acai, vitaminwater, smartwater and Kona Red, plus a smooth cold Longboard Lager beer served by Kona Brewing Company at the awards. Starring at the awards show along with the race winners will be none other than Kauai’s own Chad Pa, with a live band performance.

This year’s event is coming together as one of the greatest days of summer. Let’s also not forget to give gratitude to the Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana in their efforts to preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources of the Na Pali Coast, making this coastline in part such a beautiful destination for all visitors now and in the future, as well as presenting cultural relevance from a civilization that once thrived in these valleys.

Although it is a race always remember to partner up in a buddy system and lookout for one another’s safety on the water.

The best times and winners are listed below. Congratulations to all who participated and to all the winners of their respective categories. Looking forward to seeing all who can make it to the event again this year.

Evan Valiere

The 2010 Na Pali Race Results
(Formerly called the Na Pali Paddleboard Challenge)
September 18, 2010. Kaua’i, Hawai’i.

Women’s Stock Prone
Name: #: Departure: Arrival: Duration: Place:
Mary Castelanelli 112 9:24 am 2:14.15 pm 4:50.15 1

Women’s SUP Fun Run “Paddle for the Pali” Time Trial Race
Name: #: Departure: Arrival: Duration: Place:
Andrea Smith 102 9:24 am 1:18.30 pm 3:54.30 1
Sue Cooper 118 9:24 am 1:26.13 pm 4:02.13 2
Hanna Krugger 104 9:24 am 1:29.50 pm 4:05.50 3
Leila Kawaihalau 107 9:24 am 1:36.56 pm 4:12.56 4
Lynn Ham Young 108 9:24 am 1:38.17 pm 4:14.17 5
Tiffany K. Spencer 105 9:24 am 1:44.45 pm 4:20.45 6
Kim Elegado 109 9:24 am 1:50.22 pm 4:26.22 7
Valorie B. Owen 101 9:24 am 1:52.57 pm 4:28.57 8
Caridyn Colburn 106 9:24 am 1:55.10 pm 4:31.10 9
Liana Pyne 117 9:24 am 2:03.25 pm 4:39.25 10
Holly Amodio 119 9:24 am 2:04.30 pm 4:40.30 11
Aranza Rodriguez 116 9:24 am 2:06.20 pm 4:42.20 12
Carol Andrews 103 9:24 am 2:11.10 pm 4:47.10 13

Men Fun Run “Paddle for the Pali” Time Trial Race
Name: #: Departure: Arrival: Duration: Place:
Krishan “Blanka” Aruna 110 9:24 am 12:51.25 pm 3:27.25 1
Matt Ernsdorf 111 9:24 am 1:37.50 pm 4:13.50 2
Brav Ellis 120 9:24 am 1:42.05 pm 4:18.05 3
Cesare Lucente 113 9:24 am 1:42.30 pm 4:18.30 4
Tim Saunders 114 9:24 am 1:44.20 pm 4:20.20 5
Jon Lucas 115 9:24 am 2:06.45 pm 4:42.45 6
Paul Jansen 121 9:24 am 2:08.10 pm 4:44.10 7

Men Fun Run “Paddle for the Pali” Time Trial
Name: #: Departure: Arrival: Duration:
Ray Woolard 213 10.42 am 1:48.05 pm 3:06.05
Tom Potter 206 10:42 am 1:55.05 pm 3:13.05
Nick Marvin 208 10:42 am 1:58.50 pm 3:16.50

Women’s Stock SUP 14’ Class Race
Name: #: Departure: Arrival: Duration: Place:
Brenda Rogers 201 10:42 am 2:23.45 pm 3:41.45 1

Men’s Stock Prone Race
Name: #: Departure: Arrival: Duration: Place:
Kamuela Aea 200 10:42 am 1:47.50 pm 3:05.50 1
Gavin Gillette 220 10:42 am 1:52.55 pm 3:10.55 2
Davey Taylor 219 10:42 am 2:07.00 pm 3:25.00 3
Elijah Frank 217 10:42 am 2:23.50 pm 3:41.50 4
Bruce Stine 216 10:42 am 2:30.10 pm 3:48.10 5
Dustin Barca 221 10:42 am 2:35.40 pm 3:53.40 6
Ian Vernon 214 10:42 am 3:10.33 pm 4:28.33 7
Jeff Eisenbach 207 10:42 am 3:16.06 pm 4:34.06 8

Men’s Unlimited Prone Race
Name: #: Departure: Arrival: Duration: Place:
John Cammack 210 10:42am 1:54.20 pm 3:12.20 1
Joshua Comstock 202 10:42am 2:03.13 pm 3:21.13 2
Jeff McBride 212 10:42am 3:10.36 pm 4:28.36 3
Rick Hurst 211 10:42am 3:36.18 pm 4:54.18 4
James Friend 225 10:42am 4:00.00 pm 5:18.00 5

Men’s Stock SUP Race
Name: #: Departure: Arrival: Duration: Place:
Robert Stehlik 224 10:42 am 1:27.20 pm 2:45.20 1
Rob Haugland 215 10:42 am 2:00.45 pm 3:18.45 2
Don Jones 203 10:42 am 2:02.32 pm 3:20.32 3
Jason Irons 222 10:42 am 2:05.00 pm 3:23.00 4
Lucas Ross 205 10:42 pm 2:05.35 pm 3:23.35 5
Jeremy Lloyd 223 10:42 am 2:15.25 pm 3:33.25 6
Miguel Graham 218 10:42 am 2:28.00 pm 3:46.00 7
Sean Moore 204 10:42 am 2:47.50 pm 4:05.50 8
Newt Wilder 209 10:42 am 2:48.30 pm 4:06.30 9

Men’s Unlimited SUP Division Race
Name: #: Departure: Arrival: Duration: Place:
Livio Manelau 308 11:10 am 1:32.30 pm 2:22.30 1
Scott Trudon 301 11:10 am 1:34.20 pm 2:24.20 2
Leleo Kinimaka 310 11:10 am 1:49.30 pm 2:39.30 3
Kevin Horgan 306 11:10 am 1:52.10 pm 2:42.10 4
Tristan Boxford 303 11:10 am 1:53.40 pm 2:43.40 5
Ed Wheeler 304 11:10 am 1:53.55 pm 2:43.55 6
Kalani Vierra 309 11:10 am 1:55.40 pm 2:45.40 7
Kevin Davison 305 11:10 am 1:57.30 pm 2:47.30 8
Jimmy Fitt 307 11:10 am 2:07.45 pm 2:57.45 9
Aaron Marvin 302 11:10 am 2:15.00 pm 3:05.00 10

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