This year we are proud to announce the Huaka’i “Ultimate Fun Run”. The course for this event is to visit three check points along the way and experience the magic of Na Pali as well as be in a non competitive part of the event for prizes.

This is the best way to be a part of the event, have the safety of the escort boats and lifeguards, check the Na Pali Race paddle off your bucket list, share the camaraderie of other like minds on boards and canoes, and visit the sources that will keep you energetically and spiritually charged!

More info on Huaka’i from Kel Ho of Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana


This year’s race includes raising awareness of the concept and practice of huaka’i. This can be roughly translated as journey or a trip with a focused intent and purpose. It is usually seen as a spiritual journey, pilgrimage, path of awakening and takes the participant to sacred places that nourish their souls and spirits. For those interested in approaching the Na Pali Race this way there will be a discussion of the protocols and concept before the start.

Some basic guidelines to consider –

  • Prepare yourself beforehand both inside and out- take time to reflect on your life and cultivate gratitude for your family, teachers and guides as a foundation, look honestly into your life to see what needs to be released or brought into balance, stretch and strengthen your souls and spirits just as you have prepared physically.
  • I was taught that the shape of huaka`i is circular, that it begins and ends at home- look at ways that your family and community can be strengthened by the journey and experiences when you return. Humility prepares us to enter the state of awe which brings us home to humility
  • Use all your senses, quiet mind, body and spirit to be in relationship with the place and spaces of your journey and move through, the intention is to experience a connectiveness and unity, to expand the sense of self to include the environment we dwell in, stewardship arises naturally form this place.
  • Recognize the part your awareness, focus and intention plays in this practice- one can approach any activity in daily life with the same reverence


*This division will be based on amount of entries and ocean conditions for the day. If conditions are dangerous, new course will be decided. Paddlers will also be screened for abilities level to promote a safe event.

Announcing The Ultimate Fun Run Huaka'i

Announcing The Ultimate Fun Run Huaka’i

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