Na Pali Race 2012
$15,550 Prize Purse

Please read thoroughly and carefully for complete understanding.
The Na Pali Race event organizers reserve the right under the sole discretion of the event organizer to reallocate prize money and/ or grand prize product awards (Surfboards and Stand Up Paddleboard Prizes) if these minimum standards of participation are not met:

-All divisions need to have a minimum of 10 entrants in order to qualify for a money prize and / or grand product prize (SUP or Surfboard) race.  A minimum of 3 participants will qualify the division for trophy, and recognition race
-Overall Prize Purse groups need to have a minimum of 20 total participants of same gender, on equipment that falls under the overall prize purse category to determine the overall top three winners (20 total PDB, 20 total SUP Men & 20 total SUP Women on race boards)
-All listed divisions will receive trophy/ awards if there is minimum of 3 or more participants
-See below for other rules

-There is a (1) bonus of $500 for the individual Male or Female SUP paddler if they complete the race as Overall SUP winner and are is using a 12’6 Stock SUP. Bonus & division included would earn them a total win of $3,000.

Prize money is not coming from entry fees. We just want to encourage a legitimate and competitive race.

8 SUP’s and 2 Surfboard Product Prizes are noted

Prize Purse, Awards and DIvisions Recognized:
All divisions listed will receive trophies for top 3 finishers

Paddleboard                                                                      1st                                  2nd       3rd

Overall PDB  (UL or Stock, Male or Female) $2,000 $700 $350
Unlimited PDB
Overall Stock PDB $500 + Surfboard $200 $100
Overall Women PDB $500 + Surfboard $200 $100
50 + Paddleboard
(qualify for $ or prize via board class)

Stand Up Paddleboard                                                                                    1st                                  2nd       3rd

Overall SUP Men (Any board- UL, 14’, 12’6 / Any Age 50+) $2,000 $700 $350
Unlimited SUP Men SUP Prize
Unlimited SUP Women SUP Prize
14’ Class top 3 overall Male or Female $500 + SUP Prize $200 $100
14’ Class Women SUP Prize
12’6 Class top 3 overall Male or Female $500 + SUP Prize $200 $100
12’6 Class Women SUP Prize
50+ SUP Men (qualify for $ or prize via board class)
50+ SUP Women (qualify for $ or prize via board class)
Overall SUP Women
(Any board- UL, 14’, 12’6 / Any Age 50+)
$2,000 $700 $350

Surfboard SUP            1st                       2nd    3rd

Surfboard SUP Men $500 + SUP Prize $200 $100
Surfboard SUP Women $500 + SUP Prize $200 $100

OC-1              1st     2nd     3rd

OC-1 Men $500 $200 $100
OC-1 Women $500 $200 $100

-All board class divisions are open age groups
-50 + age group is anyone older than 50 years of age on race day, also entered into specific board class
-50+ age group paddlers can win their specific age division 50+ award, their specific board division award (Stock PDB, Unlimited PDB, 12’6 SUP, 14’ SUP, or Unlimited SUP), and the overall prize purse award
-In Paddleboard and SUP divisions participants can win their specific division prize money as well as the overall finish placing and prize money for the overall prize purse

-A participant will not be allowed to win two grand product prizes of Surfboard or SUP products unless race officials deem it appropriate

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