Here is the tentative start schedule for the 2015 Na Pali Race. Always stay tuned to our facebook page for any changes-

Schedule for heat start times subject to change if wind conditions are forecast to be light or variable. For typical trade wind see schedule below.

In case of poor or dangerous conditions event will be cancelled or postponed.

We should have a good idea of wind conditions 3 days out. Stay tuned to @napalirace on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and website for updates. The reason for late departures is to take full advantage of downwind run. Also, a trade wind later in the day will consistently fill in along the coastline’s many valleys.

Check in: 9-10 am

Pule 10:00 am
Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana

Race safety, course, and rules briefings are after pule.

Heat 1- 10:30 am
Group 1- Fun Run
Ultimate Fun Run Huaka’i

Heat 2- 11:30 am
Group 2- Surfboard SUP
Group 3- 3 Team Mix SUP

Heat 3- 12:00 am
Group 4- Prone Paddleboard Unlimited and Stock
Group 5- SUP Men 12’6, 14’, UL
Group 6- SUP Women 12’6, 14’, UL

Heat 4- 12:30 pm
Group 7- OC1
Group 8- OC2
Group 9- Surf Ski

We have posted a ton of info on our facebook page. Scroll down over the last month to catch up. Some things of importance are:

Oahu to Kauai and other shipping and trailer services.

Mandatory leash rule. All competitors on every type of craft in this event need to wear a leash.

There is a buoy within the first mile from the start line. All competitors must pass within this buoy, or they will receive a DNF course.

All further questions can be directed to us on our facebook page in a post marked “Everything you need to know about the 2015 Na Pali Race”.

Bring your own water and energy food for pre-race. There will be a lot of milling around for check in. Hang out, relax and enjoy before your race starts.

Check in process will be as follows:

We will be calling up first races to launch in first priority. After we check them in we will call up next races.

Look up your race number. Know your number for a smooth process.

Report your number to Master Check in event staff.

Receive your bib number.

Receive your race jersey.

Receive your 2 donation drawing tickets for entering and if you would like to purchase more, or already have receive those tickets here too. Put your name and phone number on each ticket and place them in a bin.

On the start line we will be checking leashes. So make sure you have one or you will be asked to get one or not to participate.

Have fun and be safe on the paddle.


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