Safety plan
Leash rule! All boards and vessels need to be attached to the participant by a high quality and strong leash. No one is faster than a strong wind and situations can become extremely dangerous very quickly. Please be prepared and where a solid leash. This rule will be strictly enforced at start line.
This year there are no race jerseys so please wear something very bright for safety.
Outside line has not been proven to be faster.
The nature of the event is that as soon as we come around this corner at Ke’e the race gets extremely spread out. Although we have great and highly experienced boat captains, sometimes people can not be seen over such a vast field. Therefore for your own safety it is advised to take our recommended line which is close enough to shore to get to land if you need to, but also far enough away so that you are not paddling in the turbulence or refractions a from the surf bouncing off the cliffs.
There is a typically a strong head current near Hanakoa, approximately 2-3 miles into race.
If you are new to this race when you first take off around the corner the furthest mountain ridges are near Miloli’i. That is approximately the 12 mile mark. After Miloli’i there is a long stretch that is typically in the lee of the wind. At this point you will be able to see Polihale Beach and finish line.
Anther benefit of the inside line is that there is more potential to be seen because of commercial kayaks, boat tours, beach users, hikers and campers, and beaches which make it easier to be seen or easier to get to shore.
If in distress always stay near the your board or vessel if it is floating, there will be more to be seen and to float on.
Always paddle straight to land first then parallel if there is no safe entry onto shore.
If you are out of the race for any reason and safe,  or in distress please call our radio to channel 10 so that we can respond. This communication is important so that we do not start a search for someone that is already safe on land. So if you pull out or withdraw from the race for any reason please call vhf radio channel 10 to report at the first chance you get.
Also please look out for your fellow participants. If there is someone in trouble or hurt please make it a priority to help them.
Hoping to continue a safe event for all.
Thank you.

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