Entries must be received on time or late fees will apply. Cut off date for early entries is Sunday July 28, 2019 10:00 pm. We will still accept entries but event gear and race jersey can not be guaranteed and a late fee will apply.

For in depth rules view the WPA rulebook.




Event services are non refundable, non transferable and will be offered first come first served with limited space.

These rules will be strictly enforced with penalty of disqualification.

The Na Pali Race Staff and Event Organizers have the right to refuse or deny entries to any paddlers who seem to be un-capable, or unfit of participating in this event. This opinionated decision will be made by the event director and staff and will be biased and subjective.

Main divisions are 14′ and under SUP, Stock Paddleeboard, OC-1.

Board specs and clarification:

SUP Surfboard CLASS:

Length – 12’2” ft maximum

Board Weight – No Weight Restriction.

Board Design – Board must be a surfboard style in shape with the minimum dimensions, Nose 17” wide(12” back from nose), 14” tail (12” up from the tail) and maximum thickness of 5”.

SUP 12’6” CLASS:

Length – 12’6” ft maximum

Board Weight – No Weight Restriction.

Board Design – No minimum dimensions.

No rudder

SUP 14 Ft CLASS: (main division)

Length – 14’ ft maximum

Board Weight – No Weight Restriction.

Board Design – No minimum dimensions.

No rudder


Length – No Length Restriction.

Board Weight – No Weight Restriction.

Board Design – No minimum dimensions.

Including those with rudders

PRONE STOCK CLASS: (main division)

12’-no rudder


-any size board including those with rudders

Race Directors have the option to omit any of the categories if they so choose depending on regional challenges such as number of entrants, conditions, length of race, etc. These are recommended guidelines from the WPA and are categories that WPA will both sanction and rank against.

Na Pali Race will keep the option to change the prize offering if the amount of participants is not satisfactory for a division. This will be decided before the start of the race.

The Course:

Each division will start behind the start line at Anini or Haena Beach Park.

Make a left turn for the Na Pali Coastline. Continue down the Na Pali towards Polihale.

Just off the beach at Polihale make a left turn around the final marker buoy and head towards the finish line. The finish line is near the high tide line in the sand. Contestants must pass through the finish line chute and two marker cones in the sand at the back of the shoot. You do not have to carry any equipment through this line.

Sailing canoe paddlers finish by passing the marker buoy in the water off the beach of the finish line chute. Sailing canoe paddlers finish in the water and time will be take as you pass the buoy..

There will be board/ canoe caddies helping retrieve boards as paddlers make it to the finish line.

Paddlers are not allowed to touch, hang on to any boats, or paddle anywhere near wake of escort boats or any other boat. This is a race under personal and paddle power only.

The Na Pali Race will not be enforcing the typical standing while moving forward rule for SUP’s. You may kneel or prone paddle your SUP and get to the finish line in whatever form you choose.

A competitor shall only use the paddle, waves and wind to propel the board forward during a race.

No outside assistance drafting a vessel not in the race, form of a sail, clothing designed to catch wind, or any other speed device not considered the norm to SUP racing is allowed. Boat wakes are considered natural conditions unless a competitor is deemed as getting an unfair advantage over other competitors as with drafting (see drafting rule 4b).

The safety of all participants and competitions is the number one priority of the race director and the WPA. Participants shall attend all competitor meetings and race postings to keep themselves informed with the typical conditions for the race and also the day of conditions to be expected.

Race Directors need to warn the competitors of any dangers that could occur and where all safety personal will be located on the course during the pre-race competitors meeting. Competitors shall be mindful of the hand signals to be used if someone is injured, danger (paddle in the air, waiving or erect) or in need of help but not injured (hand in the air). All competitors should be mindful with any persons that may be in danger during the course of the race and should assist or help get safety staff attention. The United States Coast Guard recommends and many states require wearing life jackets while operating personal watercraft (PWC) such as a Stand Up Paddle board.

Drafting is not allowed.

Any paddlers who have not reached the Miloli’i Beach area by 4:00 pm will be picked up by escort boats and delivered to Polihale.

Any cheating or un-sportsmanship behavior will be means for disqualification.

Escort boats must adhere to all terms and conditions of event and sign and acknowledge that they understand safety precautions, conditions of the Na Pali Coast, the course, communications, and emergency procedures.

All contestants need to complete course to be awarded.

If you want to learn more rules and regulations of the World Paddle Association (WPA), please ask event staff to make a copy of the WPA rulebook available.


  • Brenda Scott Rogers

    Aloha, How about including a mixed gender (man/women) open catagory for the relay team? It would be nice to paddle with spouse, son or friend. SUP UNLIMITED CLASS: Keep it simple. I’ve heard more peole talk about forming a relay this year than solo.
    Length – No Length Restriction.
    Board Weight – No Weight Restriction.
    Board Design – No minimum dimensions.
    Including those with rudders

  • Catharine

    I agree… A mixed relay division, please! (Though we no more unlimited board. Having a stock SUP or surfboard SUP mixed relay opens it up to teams that may not have the fastest (most expensive) racing boards but would still like to do it for fun.

  • admin

    I added the mix category for the event. I think it would be good to partner up as you said. The thing about the relay divison is that it is important to enter early so that I can make plans for this group because seating on relay escort boat is limited. Aloha.

  • admin

    For now I am keeping the board specs unlimited. I would enter the relay on any board I could get my hands on just because the change location is so epic! Sometimes good boards are hard to find here onK, but they are around. Aloha.

  • Stricko

    Have you decided on the board size for the 50+ group. What about a 60+ group?? cheehee

  • admin

    unlimted or less=any board

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