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2014 Na Pali Race Results

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Full list of results can be seen here: 2014 Na Pali Race Results

Main Events and Prize Money Winners listed below:

OC-1 Women Overall top 3

OC-1 Women 3rd

Margie Goodno, 3:45:06, $50

OC-1 Women 2nd

Alana Goo, 2:55:20, $100

OC-1 Women 1st

Lauren Denton, 2:43:49, $250

OC-1 Men Overall top 3

OC-1 Men 3rd

Sebastian Romero, 2:32:23, $125

OC-1 Men 2nd

Danny Sherd, 2:24:44, $250

OC-1 Men 1st

Jesse Palumbo, 2:20:19, $500


Men Surfski

Surfski Men 3rd

Dylan Thomas, 2:18:59, $250

Stock Paddleboard Main Event

Stock Paddleboard 5th Place

Govi Tillotson, 3:53:14, $200

Stock Paddleboard 4th Place

Kamuela Aea, 3:48:15, $300

Stock Paddleboard 3rd Place

Kurt Lager 3:26:02, $400

Stock Paddleboard 2nd Place

Hogan Kania, 3:24:05, $600

Stock Paddleboard 1st Place Champion

Jackson Maynord 3:20:21 $1,200

Women SUP Main Event

Women Stand Up Paddle 5th Place

Beth Carter, 5:03:22, $100

Women Stand Up Paddle 4th Place

Jennifer Fratze, 4:57:13, $150

Women Stand Up Paddle 3rd Place

Nicole Madosik, 4:51:38, $200

Women Stand Up Paddle 2nd Place

Laura Birse, 4:26:42, $300,

Women Stand Up Paddle Champion 1st

Penelope Strickland, 3:39:05, $600

SUP Stock 14′ Main Event

Stand Up Paddle 5th Place

Kaea Abbey, 3:25:21, $200

Stand Up Paddle 4th Place

Noa Ginnella, 3:32:46, $300

Stand Up Paddle 3rd Place

Thomas Maximus, 3:30:55, $400

Stand Up Paddle 2nd Place

Armie Armstrong 3:17:38, $600

Stand Up Paddle Champion 1st

Andrew Logreco, 3:12:25, $1,200

Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana Awards check dontation on behalf of race and participants $2,875






2014 Start Times

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Schedule for Heat Start Times Subject to change if wind conditions are forecast to be light or variable. For typical trade wind see schedule below.

Category Group 1- Fun Run
Category Group 2- Surfboard SUP
Category Group 3- Teams (3 Team Mix SUP)
Category Group 4- Paddleboard (PB) Unlimited and Stock Class
Category Group 5- SUP Men 12’6, 14’, UL
Category Group 6- SUP Women 12’6, 14’, UL
Category Group 7- OC1
Category Group 8- OC2
Category Group 9- Surf Ski

Race safety, course, and rules briefings are after pule.

In case of poor or dangerous conditions event will be cancelled or postponed.

We should have a good idea of wind conditions 3 days out. Stay tuned to @napalirace on Facebook, Instagram, twiitter and website for updates. The reason for late departures is to take full advantage of downwind run. Also, a trade wind later in the day will consistently fill in along the coastline’s many valleys.

Check in between 8:30 and 10:00 am Race Jersey, board decal, body mark.

For a light variable wind forecast start times will be up to 3 hours earlier departure.
For light trade winds forecast races will start up to 2 hours earlier.
Trade winds 10-15 mph start will be up to 1 hour earlier.
Typical trade wind 15-20 mph or more times are as follows:

Heat # and Start Time:
Category Group

Pule 9:00 am
Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana

Heat 1- 10:00 am
Group 1- Fun Run
Ultimate Fun Run Huaka’i

Heat 2- 11:00 am
Group 2- Surfboard SUP
Group 3- 3 Team Mix SUP

Heat 3- 11:30 am
Group 4- Paddleboard Unlimited and Stock
Group 5- SUP Men 12’6, 14’, UL
Group 6- SUP Women 12’6, 14’, UL

Heat 4- 12:00 pm
Group 7- OC1
Group 8- OC2
Group 9- Surf Ski

Announcing the Ultimate Fun Run Huaka’i

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

This year we are proud to announce the Huaka’i “Ultimate Fun Run”. The course for this event is to visit three check points along the way and experience the magic of Na Pali as well as be in a non competitive part of the event for prizes.

This is the best way to be a part of the event, have the safety of the escort boats and lifeguards, check the Na Pali Race paddle off your bucket list, share the camaraderie of other like minds on boards and canoes, and visit the sources that will keep you energetically and spiritually charged!

More info on Huaka’i from Kel Ho of Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana


This year’s race includes raising awareness of the concept and practice of huaka’i. This can be roughly translated as journey or a trip with a focused intent and purpose. It is usually seen as a spiritual journey, pilgrimage, path of awakening and takes the participant to sacred places that nourish their souls and spirits. For those interested in approaching the Na Pali Race this way there will be a discussion of the protocols and concept before the start.

Some basic guidelines to consider –

  • Prepare yourself beforehand both inside and out- take time to reflect on your life and cultivate gratitude for your family, teachers and guides as a foundation, look honestly into your life to see what needs to be released or brought into balance, stretch and strengthen your souls and spirits just as you have prepared physically.
  • I was taught that the shape of huaka`i is circular, that it begins and ends at home- look at ways that your family and community can be strengthened by the journey and experiences when you return. Humility prepares us to enter the state of awe which brings us home to humility
  • Use all your senses, quiet mind, body and spirit to be in relationship with the place and spaces of your journey and move through, the intention is to experience a connectiveness and unity, to expand the sense of self to include the environment we dwell in, stewardship arises naturally form this place.
  • Recognize the part your awareness, focus and intention plays in this practice- one can approach any activity in daily life with the same reverence


*This division will be based on amount of entries and ocean conditions for the day. If conditions are dangerous, new course will be decided. Paddlers will also be screened for abilities level to promote a safe event.

Announcing The Ultimate Fun Run Huaka'i

Announcing The Ultimate Fun Run Huaka’i

Na Pali Race featured in the Garden Island Sunday Paper

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

It may be a grueling athletic competition, but being set against one of the world’s most breathtaking backdrops is what makes the annual Na Pali Race (Sunday, Aug. 3) so unique for everyone involved.

“It’s basically a celebration of being out on the water along the Na Pali and just this beautiful, spectacular place,” said event organizer and pro surfer Evan Valiere. “I think the community really likes it and that’s why I keep it going.”

Now in its fifth year, the Na Pali Race offers paddlers of different disciplines and skill levels a chance to test themselves along the northwest coast of Kauai, inaccessible other than by foot or boat. Starting at Haena Beach Park, stand-up paddlers, prone paddlers and one or two-person outrigger canoes will make the 17-mile trip along the Na Pali Coast and reach the finish line at Polihale State Park.

“It seems like there’s always a bunch of fires to be put out on the way to setting everything up,” Valiere said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s getting easier.”

Read more by clicking here.

Hogan Kania 3X Na Pali Race Paddleboard Champion shares his experience of the 2013 event

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

When asked to write a story about The Na Pali race, I cannot help but feel the English language would not do it justice. August 4, 2013 marked the 4th annual Na Pali Race, a day that I look forward to all year. In my experience the magic of the Na Pali race starts at the finish line of the Molokai-Oahu Channel crossing, only 7 days before the Kaua’i race. I say magic because in a state of pure exhaustion, a place where happiness SHOULD BE a cold beer and no paddleboards in your peripheral vision I can not help but limit my Longboard Lager consumption, continue to talk board design and be thoroughly stoked that I am on my way to Kaua’i. What better place to relax tired arms right? Ya absolutely!

Those travel magazines are right, you wouldn’t be tempted to go for a visit or anything, the island doesn’t have much to offer!
Back on track, race day started with a final check of the conditions, trade winds 15-17 knots, sustained wind speed 16 mph. With the previous days gusting 20+, looking good!  After a grounding pule (ceremony) from Kelvin Ho from Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana Foundation the races were on! First in the water is the ‘fun run’ giving paddlers an opportunity to participate in the event without competition. Next up is the open paddleboard and sup division. As the reputation of this event increases so does the competition.  At 11am the horn blew and we hit the water, charging out of Tunnels (Makua) Beach and towards an inviting wind line.
From the start I found myself battling back and forth with South Africa’s Ryan Butcher going bump for bump and at one point we caught the same bump and collided into each other! It was on! And so were the conditions! It seems the Na Pali has a knack for stacking some in incredible runners! One after another, after another…and another! It was all time for 12 miles! Anyone who paddled today could not only claim they have paddled the Na Pali but it would be equally accurate to say they surfed it too! Then just around the Miloli’i corner came the notorious Polihale stretch where one must put their head down and paddle the last few miles of the race in flat water. This part of the race adds motivation for the downwind specialist to give it all you got in the bump dissolving any possibility for a come from behind flat-water hero.
Beyond stoked to experience one of the most incredible downwind runs of my entire life I was able to work with that momentum to push me through the flat Polihale section and win the paddleboard division of the Na Pali Race. Congratulations to Kaeo Abbey (SUP Winner), Kanesa Duncan-Seraphin (Women’s Paddleboard Winner) and Mariko Strickland! (Women’s SUP Winner)
As the day comes to an end under the pavilion in Kekaha Park the feeling of gratitude and inspiration are one of the most popular topics of conversation. Good music, food and drink are accompanied by epic goodie bags and a legendary raffle including multiple GoPros, sunglasses, headphones and even a surfboard shaped by one of Kauai’s best shapers Will Scovel.
Koa wood trophies, cash and other prizes are given paddlers who place even beyond top 3 in board divisions.
The essence of the Na Pali race is to bring like-minded people together to perpetuate the innate good we recognize in ourselves and the Na Pali Coast. The race raises money for the Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana who are the stewards of this most special place. In a time when corporate greed and GMOs are dividing a passionate small island, its nice to remember that the Na Pali coast once supported one of the largest, thriving populations of Hawaiians. Working with the land, in connection, the land supported them abundantly.
I am grateful to be able to donate a portion of my prize money to The Na Pali Coast ‘Ohana. I encourage anyone who enjoys paddling weather traditional, sup or canoe to experience this event. It is an event based on giving that reaches all demographics. From casual paddlers to the experienced competitor, everyone shares a day of great people, friendly atmosphere, awe-inspiring beauty and world class conditions.
Thank You Evan Valiere and ‘Ohana for putting on another epic event!
Hogan Kania

5th Annual Na Pali Race

Saturday, June 7th, 2014


The Na Pali Paddleboard Race is THE destination race that should be on every paddle boarders bucket list. If you are looking for a destination race this summer, you want to extend your Molokai 2 Oahu trip by a week, or you didn’t make it to Molokai this year but you still want to test yourself in a Hawaiian downwind race – you need to be visiting Kaua’i in August.



2013 Results

Monday, August 5th, 2013

2013 Na Pali Race Results

Photos of the 2012 Na Pali Race

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Na Pali Race 2012 event photos
Photo Credit Sam Wells/ and Scott Mijares/

Na Pali Race 2012 Start Times/ Shuttle Pickup

Friday, July 20th, 2012

The opening ceremony prayer (pule) will be at 8 :45.

The prerace safety and rules briefing will be held at 9:00, and the divsion’s are as follows.

The Na Pali Race will launch first heats of Fun Run and Surfboard SUP Division at 9:30 am.

The teams will follow at 10:00 am.

Next will be the prone Paddleboard Race at 11:00 am

Then the SUP Race men and women will start at 11:10 am

With the OC-1 and OC-2 at 11:20 am

First Pickup for shuttle service is at 7:00am at Kmart parking lot across the street from King Auto Center in Lihue.

Next pick up is at 7:45 at Hanalei Surf Co.

Bring tie down straps and padding for your boards.

Entries / Pre-Race Check In / Trailers

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Entries / Pre-Race Check In / Trailers

Thank you to all who signed up on time.

We will be accepting entries for all those who have not signed up yet for an additional $25 per person at the pre-race check ins. Please email us first.

Pre-race check in is Thursday July 19, 5-7pm  Poipu Beach Park, or Friday July 20, 5-7 pm Hanalei Surf Company.

Mandatory check in. All paddlers on Surfboard SUP, 12′6” SUP, 14′ SUP, Stock PB need to bring their boards to be measured.

Paddlers on Unlimited boards, OC-1, OC-2 and other do not need to bring equipment, but need to sign in.

Pre race check in is for checking equipment, allocating race numbers, handing out race jerseys. Also to go over a few scenarios of start times and safety.

On race day we will have roll call giving you your body mark with your number. On race day we will also be having a safety meeting before the event, also explaining general rules at this time.

We have trailers available for hire who can transport any of your equipment needs for $25 board/ boat. email

The round trip Shuttle service is still available for $40 per person and includes transport of your board.