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Registration OPEN

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Registration OPEN

Please register on our sign up page on this website.

For those participants who are paddling SUP or Prone in the race please purchase the extra item for sale “Haena Startline first 40 SUP / Prone Paddleboard”.  After further consideration this nominal fee of $26.04 will help the event off set the extra logistics with trailering and the escort boats.

There are currently 40 tickets available.

SUPs and paddle boards will need to be dropped off no later than Thursday August 2, 2018 at 5 pm at Hanalei Surf School at 5-5080 A. Kuhio Hwy. Hanalei, HI 96714. We need to start getting them to the start line in Haena for storage until race day. The boards that are being shipped from off island will arrive on Kauai on Thursday and be taken to storage for race day as well.

Our board caddy trailer and inclusive shipping service is now $156.25. Take advantage of this incredible service and don’t worry about you board the whole time. This includes shipping inter island to and from Oahu or Maui, trailering before the event so your board will be at the startling, return shipping back to Oahu or Maui. Your board will be completely taken care of.

Further information can be found on this website and our recent post “Na Pali Race 2018 Update”.

Aloha and hope to see you there.

Na Pali Race 2018 Update

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Aloha Everyone,


I hope this message finds you well.


We are still planning to hold the consecutive 9th Annual Na Pali Race on Sunday August 5, 2018!


In an ideal situation the road to Haena would be open and we would continue with our normal event procedures with the startline at Haena Beach Park. But do to the recent landslides that have caused major damage to the road and its closure this will be the most likely scenario:


Opening Ceremony at Anini Beach


Start of race for OC-1, OC–2 and surf ski at Anini Beach Approx 24.5 total miles to Na Pali Race finish at Polihale.


Holopuni Sailing Canoes optional start Anini, Hanalei, or Haena.


First 40 SUP and paddleboard race entrants will have included escort boat service after ceremony to Haena for start of race provided by our event. All equipment will potentially need to be delivered to Hanalei Surf School by Thursday August 2nd, 2018 for transport to Haena where participants will later meet up with their craft near start line. All entries after number 40 in SUP or paddleboard will have to stand by or seek or hire their own escort boat to Haena or optional and highly encouraged for entire course.


Start of SUP, paddleboard, SUP team race will be at Haena Beach Park either water start or beach start approximately 17 miles same race course or similar to previous events.

We will be accepting entries starting Friday June 15, 2018 7 pm through Sunday July 22nd, 2018 at 9 pm.


It is important that entries are received by Sunday July 22nd to insure that all participants receive race jerseys.


Na Pali Race jerseys are bright for SAFETY, to support our sponsors, and to be an official part or race.


We will still accept entries after deadline for an extra late fee charge but cannot guarantee a race jersey or an official time score or placing in the results. No jersey = DNF. Jersey must be worn at all times throughout the event.



Please make safe decisions and prepare to follow these event rules.

All craft should be in excellent operating condition including paddles. Your craft is your lifeline.

All participants in every category must wear a leash. The wind and waves are faster and stronger than any person.


For those boards or craft that do not have a connection for a leash please buy a glue on leash plug, here is an example-


Ideally everyone would hire their own escort boat for ultimate safety.


Another few things to consider- a handheld VHF would be an awesome safety precaution to have with you on the paddle and so would a small safety kit including a bright orange tarp and mirror like those used by kayakers.


Although we are confident in our safety team of PWC and escort boats it is a big playing field and the spread of the race gets extremely large. Therefore it is of utmost importance to make safe decisions and be prepared to complete the course with your own paddle power.


Event Services:


Na Pali Race offers extremely convenient event services such as shipping and board caddy transfer from Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race finish line to Na Pali Race start line then return Oahu, Maui or Hawaii after the event.


Na Pali Race also offers race day shuttle and trailer services making logistics very easy.


Please view and follow our facebook NA PALI RACE and instagram @napalirace pages for updates. Or email


Thank you to everyone who has supported this event in the past and continues to participate. It is a special race made so by those who join in for the thrill of adventure and the spirit of Na Pali Coast.




Na Pali Race 2017 Results

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Na Pali Race 2017 Results


Start Times-

Holopuni 12:40.20 pm

SUP, Paddleboard, Team SUP,  Fun Run, Foil : 12:40.50 pm

OC-1, OC-2, Surfski, V-1 Rudderless Canoe: 1:10.00 pm


Click here for results-


SUP, Paddleboard, Team SUP, Fun Run, Foil


OC-1, OC-2, Surfski, V-1 Rudderless Canoe

Holopuni Sailing Canoe

Watch the Na Pali Race 2016

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Na Pali Race 7 Results

Monday, August 8th, 2016

A few things to know

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Please learn your racer number, it makes check in process easier and quicker. Please write your racer number on your arm upon check in so that it is clear at the finish line. This helps the results.

Haena set up is simple. Please bring all your pre-race necessities and hydration.

At Polihale finish we have shade tents, water and Purps Hydration and Fuel drinks.

There will be food, music and drink at awards.

Polihale is very hot, stay hydrated.

Please be aware to not block any traffic at Polihale when we are loading the boards and equipment at the end of the day. There are other park users and we need to be aware not to hinder other beach users and traffic.

Please no driving on the beach. It has been requested many times by our state permit that we do not drive on the beach for this event.

More updates to come…

Schedule Na Pali Race 2016

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Na Pali Race 2016 Schedule

Check in 10 am – 11 am

Pule 11:30 am

Fun Run 12:00 pm

SUP and Prone Paddleboard Race 12:20 pm

OC1/2 Surfski Race 12:40 pm

Holopuni Sailing Canoe Race 1:00 pm

Finish at Polihale 3:00-4:30 pm

Awards, food, music 5:00-9 pm

Safety Update 2016

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Safety plan
Leash rule! All boards and vessels need to be attached to the participant by a high quality and strong leash. No one is faster than a strong wind and situations can become extremely dangerous very quickly. Please be prepared and where a solid leash. This rule will be strictly enforced at start line.
This year there are no race jerseys so please wear something very bright for safety.
Outside line has not been proven to be faster.
The nature of the event is that as soon as we come around this corner at Ke’e the race gets extremely spread out. Although we have great and highly experienced boat captains, sometimes people can not be seen over such a vast field. Therefore for your own safety it is advised to take our recommended line which is close enough to shore to get to land if you need to, but also far enough away so that you are not paddling in the turbulence or refractions a from the surf bouncing off the cliffs.
There is a typically a strong head current near Hanakoa, approximately 2-3 miles into race.
If you are new to this race when you first take off around the corner the furthest mountain ridges are near Miloli’i. That is approximately the 12 mile mark. After Miloli’i there is a long stretch that is typically in the lee of the wind. At this point you will be able to see Polihale Beach and finish line.
Anther benefit of the inside line is that there is more potential to be seen because of commercial kayaks, boat tours, beach users, hikers and campers, and beaches which make it easier to be seen or easier to get to shore.
If in distress always stay near the your board or vessel if it is floating, there will be more to be seen and to float on.
Always paddle straight to land first then parallel if there is no safe entry onto shore.
If you are out of the race for any reason and safe,  or in distress please call our radio to channel 10 so that we can respond. This communication is important so that we do not start a search for someone that is already safe on land. So if you pull out or withdraw from the race for any reason please call vhf radio channel 10 to report at the first chance you get.
Also please look out for your fellow participants. If there is someone in trouble or hurt please make it a priority to help them.
Hoping to continue a safe event for all.
Thank you.

Na Pali Race 2016 Update

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Na Pali Race 2016 Update

We are looking forward to this years great race! The Na Pali Coast is such an amazing place no matter how you get to enjoy it. The strength and endurance required by athletes of this race as well as the beauty and changing conditions make this an incredible event. We’re hoping for great conditions and good safe times on the water this year.

Here’s a few things to know. Most of the function and coordination and start time procedures will be similar to previous years, but the best place to tune in to those updates is our Facebook page and instagram, where the updates will and info will be posted regularly.

This year we are not planning on allotting prize money to event winners unless we have an overwhelming entry turnout in specific divisions, or the event overall. Prizes are more limited this time as well because of the huge effort it takes to reach out to sponsorship parties. But other than that it will be an awesome event, good times, great people and beautiful day on the water.

Also please be aware that we will not be providing race jerseys so it is important to wear your brightest ocean gear for safety. Once underway the race field turns into a large spread and therefore it is in your own best interest to wear your brightest safety gear so that our boats and lifeguards have best chances of finding you in case of an emergency. It is also advised to look into a small safety kit that can be fastened to your craft including a whistle, a small mirror or cd, and a small red tarp that can unfold for high visibility. These kits can be found online.

Board caddying and event services such as inter island shipping can be found on our connect page in the menu bar above.

There is an new and exciting division with the Three person Holopuni Sailing Canoes to add to the event and experience of the conditions along the coast. Please feel free to email Nick Beck if interested at

Hope to see you there!

Thank you and aloha,

New Division: Holopuni Three Person Sail/ Paddle

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

We are excited to add this new and fun division to the event!

Please contact Nick Beck to reserve a a Holopuni Three person Sailing Canoe. Limited availability, first come first served: